How to Store Dynamically in the List Control of MFC in Visual Studio?

I am working on the dialog based applciation using MFC in visual studio 2010. I used the list control as report type to display . I managed to display some hardcoded data on that output window. Here is the code. what's wrong in the code

    void CuserspecificationDlg::OnAdd()     // This function add file by clicking on Add button
// TODO: Add your control notification handler code here
CFileDialog ldFile(TRUE);
// Show the File Open dialog and capture the result
if (ldFile.DoModal() == IDOK)

     CStdioFile fileName;
  //TCHAR buf[100]; // it is declared in h file

       while(  fileName.ReadString(buf,99))


     void CuserspecificationDlg::InsertItems()
    // = 100;
list.pszText   = "Project";      // this project is the column heading of the dialog
list.iSubItem = 2;
::SendMessage(hWnd  ,LVM_INSERTCOLUMN, 

SetCell(hWnd,buf,0,1);    // these 1,G,X,X are the hardcoded entries. 
SetCell(hWnd,"G ",0,2);
SetCell(hWnd," X",0,3);

//----- //


How to display that buf? It doesnt work . buf is not diplaying the content from file properly. As some characters 1,G and X are visible in the output window but the buf statement doesnt show the characters properly. .. What's wrong in the code.


To add items to a list control, you first need to create a column:

lvCol.mask = LVCF_TEXT | LVCF_WIDTH;
lvCol.pszText = L"Column Header Text";
m_CListCtrl.InsertColumn(0, &lvCol);

// ...

You then insert items into the list control of struct type LVITEM

LVITEM item;
item.mask = LVIF_TEXT;
item.pszText = "Column Text";
item.iItem = numItem;      // Item number
item.iSubItem = 0;         // Sub item number (column number)

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