UILabel in different subviews

I'm creating my first app. It will be a catalog of products, that you can scroll through. I created a UIScrollView with a width of 960 (320*3) and added a UIPageControl. Inside it I added 3 different view, each of them represents one of my products - with all the information I need - name, image, description, price, etc..

I can see the views move, and so I've set the first product with UILabel classes and UIImageView. I was wondering if it is possible to use NSArray and set the UILabel's text property and imageNamed in the next view as the user switches to it.

My problem is that each view has a different UILabel element.

Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated!


Yes you could use a NSArray to store the data for each of your views. I would suggest first creating a simple object with the properties labelText and imageName;

Then you can create a NSArray of your custom object like this:

MyObject obj1 = [MyObject new];
obj1.labelText = @"My Text 1";
obj1.imageName = @"My Image 1";

//Other objects..


NSArray *myArray = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects: obj1, obj2, obj3, nil];

Then When you switch pages simply do this:

MyObject *myPageInfo = [myArray objectAtIndex:pageNumber];
myLabel.text = myPageInfo.labelText;
mylabel.imageName = myPageInfo.imageName;

Hope that helps.

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