In search for a good Java ODE solver

I'm working on a project to create a GUI for an algorithm in MATLAB using an ODE solver (ode45). So I have to translate the MATLAB code to Java. The problem is the ode45 solver. Java does not seem to have a solver ready to use, and ODE's are not really my speciality. Am I just not looking good, or are there really no ODE solvers for Java implemented?



If you need a mathematical library for Java, there are several available on the market, either open-source or commercial. These are few ones.

  • JMSL by Roguewave, entirely written in Java , which we use succesfully at work
  • NAG, written in C but widely documented so that can be used from Java
  • Apache commons math, which is open source and contains also a ODE

not exactly what you asked but did you consider creating the GUI from matlab instead? it's not that different from basic java swing/awt things unless you're looking for fancy GUI things.

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