Combobox selecteditem if default "all" value should be -1

i have a c# WPF project that contains a combobox. i have several items in the "selection", if i select any of those, then the value is correct (0 for the first item, 1 for the 2nd item and so fourth) how can i add the first item as "all", and if user selects "all" then the value is "-1" ? right now "all" is the first item, so it sets it to "0" value

thanks for anyone who can assist


-1 value states that nothing is selected try using SelectedIndex-1 as your value. If your reference SelectedIndex from xaml then some converter on binding will be required.

instead of using the SelectedIndex use the SelectedItem and check if its the "All" value.


the ViewModel

public class MyViewModel
   public ObservableCollection<string> TheItems { get; set;}
   public string TheSelectedItem { get; set; }

   public MyViewModel()
       TheItems = new ObservableCollection<string>();
       //Adding all the other value


   public void SomeMethod()
          //Do whatever needs to be done 

the View

<ListView ItemsSource="{Binding TheItems}" SelectedItem="{Binding TheSelectedItem}"/>

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