Smart CVS and Core data

I have a smart cvs installed on my iMac, and i have update the application from the cvs. Then i did some changes on my code and on the core data ( core data changes are: remove some attributes from core data entity), then i tried to commit the changes to cvs, BUT i get the following error:

Up-to-date check failed for `xxxxxxx.m' , (i.e xxxxxxx is the file name). command aborted.

What do you think about this error? how to solve it, and get the successful commit ?

Thx a lot


That's the common error message of the CVS server if you try to commit a change which is newer available on the server. Perform an update first.

Try running a clean by either hitting command-shift-k or going to Product->Clean. Then try to build again. If that fails, try copying the contents of the file somewhere else, move it to trash (when you select delete it will say remove references or move to trash, you want move to trash), then create the file again and copy in the code. Just some things to try.

Try update then commit, if this is not solve problem mark core data as removed files

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