VB Treeview causes vs32host.exe to stop working

this program is a Windows Form app written in VB 2008 I have a datatable (dtSubFolders) through which I am iterating to populate a treeview(tv_Folder_Hierarchy) by sending its NodesCollection to a recursive subroutine. The NodesCollection seems to be populating correctly as evidenced by the data at the bottom. However, when I expand the root, I see its 7 children then I get a vs32host.exe has stopped working error.

   For Each row In dtSubFolders.Rows
        m_folder_Node = New TreeNode
        Get_TV_Node(tv_Folder_Hierarchy.Nodes, row(1).ToString)

        If Len(m_folder_Node.Name) > 0 Then
            m_folder_Node.Nodes.Add(row(0).ToString, row(2))
            tv_Folder_Hierarchy.Nodes.Add(row(0).ToString, row(2))
        End If

Private Sub Get_TV_Node(ByRef Nodes As TreeNodeCollection, ByVal Name As String)

    Dim node As TreeNode

    If Len(m_folder_Node.Name) = 0 Then
        For Each node In Nodes
            If node.Name = Name Then
                m_folder_Node = node
                Exit For
                If node.Nodes.Count > 0 Then Get_TV_Node(node.Nodes, Name)
            End If
    End If
End Sub
ID Parent Kids Text 1811 None 7 Root Folder 1818 1811 40 Award Creation 1828 1818 0 Award Creation Sub 1 1819 1818 0 Award Creation Sub 2 1824 1818 0 Award Creation Sub 3 1839 1818 0 Award Creation Sub 4


PLICK - Problem Lay In (between the) Chair and the Keyboard. In my rush I hadn't noticed bad untrapped code in the NodeMouseClick event.


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