Actionscript 3: Simple Button

I am working on a project in which a button is clicked, and the frame jumps and stops at a certain area. The button I have is called cancelmenu_btn. It is spread over 1 keyframe (over 5 frames) on an actions layer. The coding for the back button is:

menuback_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, menubackClick);
function menubackClick(event:MouseEvent):void{
    gotoAndStop (2);

Yet, the back button only works on one of the frames - frame 3. I have a link to my project:

What am I doing wrong with the menuback_btn?


There are a few things you have to check if you want the button active. First, make sure your code is on the first frame because it does not become active until that frame hits.

Second, make sure your button is also on the first frame, but then it will associate your btn.addEventListener(Function) correctly.

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