Joomla new version URL not possible with subdirectory?

In my old version of joomla I used "menu-link" and named the subdirectory /xxx/ All the URLs are on that subdirectory also google knows that. so :


Now... a new version of Joomla (only "menu-alias" available) and a new website and it is not possible to place that subdirectory in front of all the menu items ... :( And I dont want the urls to change. Joomla makes from /xxx/ a name with a dash --> xxx- so :


Does anybody know how to solve this? I really like the URLS to stay with the subdirectoryname in it.

Thnks in advance!


The problem is solved by :

comment-out the line 95 from: ./libraries/joomla/filter/output.php

//$str = trim(JString::strtolower($str));

and change to:

$str = trim($str);

comment-out the line 370 from: ./libraries/joomla/filter/language.php

//$string = JString::strtolower($string));

Now you can use in the alias also characters like /.

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