Stop Qt QGraphicsView from scrolling on re-size

I have two QGraphicsView that are of equal width, one ontop the other in a Vertical Layout.

When I re-size my application window, the QGraphicsView on the bottom does what I expect, it remains at the exact position it started at, however the top view begins to move the scene to the right exposing coordinates that are below x=0(essentially blank padding on the left edge of the View), which I do not want, I need both to behave the same because they correspond to each other.

I must have missed something, because should these views behave exactly the same? I need them to align, as the top view has hidden scroll bars and scrolls horizontally by however much the bottom view is scrolled.


Make sure your resizeAnchor is set to NoAnchor and alignment is Qt::AlignLeft | Qt::AlignTop. You may need to try some other combination to work with your situation.

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