WCF Client/Server config mismatches

I have written a WCF service that uploads a file to the server. It is configured to stream the file, because they may be fairly large. I set transferMode = Streamed in my web.config and set various config size settings to fairly large-ish sizes.

This work fine for my test client. I had to set the client configurations manually to have transferMode= Streamed -- by default when I included the service reference it had set it to Buffered.

But the guy who is consuming my service is complaining about having to do that manual step. He keeps telling me something is wrong with my service and I need to fix it. I don't see anything that I can "do" about the settings not propagating to the client. And it work fine if he uses the config settings I sent him.

Is there something I should be doing? And if not is there some kind of proof I can offer this person to convince him my service is not broken? Anyone have a link to an article explaining this?


If the guy's platform, who is consuming your service, is .Net, then you can create client library with correct configuration, which consumes your service and give him to use it.

There are well known article WCF the Manual Way… the Right Way

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