facebook app authentication for background app

i'm wondering if it's possible to build a facebook app that runs as a background process. basically, i'd collect data on the user's facebook usage and email them a monthly report. the question i have is that since facebook has an auth token with a maximum life of 60 days, is this feasible? i wouldn't want to have to have the user visit a website every other month just to keep using the app.

it seems to me that this is similar to the twitter facebook app. once you authenticate, if you never visit twitter.com again (instead, opting to only use twitter clients), how do they continue to post to your facebook account? doesn't their auth token expire after 60 days? is there something i'm missing?


I believe you have to have some sort of user interaction to re-authenticate every once in a while.

What platform is your app being built on, facebook, mobile, webapp?

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