Is there an alternative to Pivotal Tracker that uses real time estimates?

I like Pivotal Tracker, however I do not agree with their approach of using a "star" system, rather than asking programmers to provide real time estimates. I think there should be accountability so that programmers learn to get better about providing time estimates. The star system appears designed to insulate developers from this, which I think is counter-productive.

Is there something like Pivotal Tracker where programmers provide real time estimates?

I would also like something that has a report which shows the total estimated time for all outstanding issues, on a per-programmer basis.

In the past we rolled our own using Trac, but would prefer a more modern solution. I'm considering using Github Issues (we already use Github for source control), and building some tools that use the Github Issues API to facilitate per-issue time estimates in the manner I've described.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.


TargetProcess ( is the cleanest and most fluid tool I've found.

make it work for you: just go to your pivotal tracker project's settings and choose custom estimates, or maybe Fibonacci, and use that for hour/day estimations

Check out Assembla Agile Planner - it s very similar and free for unlimited users/tasks:

Try Breeze, it allows you to add estimates (in hours) and also log work done under every task, plus it has a time tracker built in. Reports are also available, showing totals for projects and work done per task. You can also export the reports to CSV. Overall it has a similar Kanban style layout and system.

You can try JIRA or Version one.

JIRA : very powerful and flexible , it supports Scrum , kanban or you can invent your customized issue tracking workflow.

Version one : very organized and has an easy workflow (Scrum only) & supports managing dependency of user stories & tasks.

Finally , Github is good tool for managing projects as well but it will not be a good solution for you because you can not add an estimate for issues you can only set a dead line for a milestone also it has some constraints that you should be aware of while choosing.

  • You can only one level of tasks , there is no nesting which will make it tricky to manage a user story and its sub-tasks - a work around for that we use labels.

  • You can not delete an issue , you can only archive it or close it.

  • You can not attach an image or file directly to it , you'll have to do it using the Markdown syntax and push the images to the repository first.

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