Untraceable root error android eclipse - no errors showing on files

An android project in eclipse has errors on root level but cannot be traced... It only show the error icon but no error in the code. I have other projects that run without errors in this same version of Eclipse. Just have no idea how to trace the error for this one project. No errors show on any of the src, xml, layout (etc) files. How do I fix this? Running Eclipse Juno and Android SDK 20.


Select Window -> Show View -> Problems to see the error message (and please add it to the question).

Errors showing an exclamation mark icon are Build path errors. They are not related to your code, but instead to the setup of your project. Open the context menu of that project, select Build Path -> Configure Build Path... to open a dialog showing you all the related setting (source and output directories, referenced projects, referenced libraries and so). One of those options inside the dialog should also show an error icon.

And a side mark: If you use publicly available projects like EmPubLite, please indicate that in the question, as such information may help.

Right Click on the Project >> Properties >> Java Compiler >> Enable project Specific Settings >> compiler compliance level >> Change to 1.5 or 1.6 or 1.7 If you still Get that Error, there might be an issue if you are using external Libs, Right Click on the Project >> Properties >> Java Build Path >> Libraries >> Add Jars(if your jar file is within the workspace >> use external jars if jar file is in Local Disk. Please post Logcat error to solve your issues easily.

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