How to edit the *compilation* buffer in Emacs

When I compile in emacs, it opens a new buffer called compilation, and displays the errors. Sometimes the errors are long and hard to read, so I'd like to be able to edit the text (mostly be choosing my own line breaks at pertinent points). Is there a way to do this and continue using the buffer to jump to the next error (and keep the buffer's default highlighting)?

I can copy-paste the whole thing into another buffer, but that's a lot of overhead, and gets tedious as I try to find where the next error is in the pasted version.


You can use the toggle-read-only command by typing C-xC-q.

Then change to fundamental mode with M-xfundamental-modeRET

After editing, you can go into compilation-minor-mode with M-xcompilation-minor-modeRET and switch back and forth as needed.

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