How do I turn MongoDB query into a JSON?

for p in db.collection.find({"test_set":"abc"}):
thejson = json.dumps({'results':posts})
return  HttpResponse(thejson, mimetype="application/javascript")

In my Django/Python code, I can't return a JSON from a mongo query because of "ObjectID". The error says that "ObjectID" is not serializable.

What do I have to do? A hacky way would be to loop through:

for p in posts:
    p['_id'] = ""


The json module won't work due to things like the ObjectID.

Luckily PyMongo provides json_util which ...

... allow[s] for specialized encoding and decoding of BSON documents into Mongo Extended JSON's Strict mode. This lets you encode / decode BSON documents to JSON even when they use special BSON types.

Here is a simple sample, using pymongo 2.2.1

import os
import sys
import json
import pymongo
from bson import BSON
from bson import json_util

if __name__ == '__main__':
    connection = pymongo.Connection('mongodb://localhost:27017')
    database = connection['mongotest']
    print('Error: Unable to Connect')
    connection = None

  if connection is not None:
    database["test"].insert({'name': 'foo'})
    doc = database["test"].find_one({'name': 'foo'})
    return json.dumps(doc, sort_keys=True, indent=4, default=json_util.default)

It's pretty easy to write a custom serializer which copes with the ObjectIds. Django already includes one which handles decimals and dates, so you can extend that:

from django.core.serializers.json import DjangoJSONEncoder
from bson import objectid

class MongoAwareEncoder(DjangoJSONEncoder):
    """JSON encoder class that adds support for Mongo objectids."""
    def default(self, o):
        if isinstance(o, objectid.ObjectId):
            return str(o)
            return super(MongoAwareEncoder, self).default(o)

Now you can just tell json to use your custom serializer:

thejson = json.dumps({'results':posts}, cls=MongoAwareEncoder)

Something even simpler which works for me on Python 3.6 using motor==1.1 pymongo==3.4.0

from bson.json_util import dumps, loads

for mongo_doc in await cursor.to_list(length=10):
    # mongo_doc is a <class 'dict'> returned from the async mongo driver, in this acse motor / pymongo.
    # result of executing a simple find() query.

    json_string = dumps(mongo_doc)
    # serialize the <class 'dict'> into a <class 'str'> 

    back_to_dict = loads(json_string)
    # to unserialize, thus return the string back to a <class 'dict'> with the original 'ObjectID' type.

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