"Error validating client secret." 404 with Facebook Oauth and ruby

I am trying to implement facebook authentication for an app with warden, after the user allows facebook auth and redirects to my app callback with the token I get a 400 while consuming the api. My warden strategy is this:

class Facebook < Warden::Strategies::Base
  def client
    @client ||= OAuth2::Client.new MyApp::Facebook::AppID, MyApp::Facebook::AppSecret, :site => 'https://graph.facebook.com'

  def params
    @params ||= Rack::Utils.parse_query(request.query_string)

  def authorize_url
    client.web_server.authorize_url :redirect_uri => request.url, :scope => 'email,publish_stream'

  def authenticate!
    throw(:halt, [302, {'Location' => authorize_url}, []]) unless params['code']
    facebook = client.web_server.get_access_token params['code'], :redirect_uri => request.url
  rescue OAuth2::HTTPError => e
    puts e.response.body

Strategies.add :facebook, Facebook

The result of printing the response body is this:

{"error":{"type":"OAuthException","message":"Error validating client secret."}}

I am pretty shure the app id and app secret are the ones provided by FB.



I've seen that error message many times. Here are the things I would double check:

  • your domain is the same as what you listed in the facebook callback url
  • the app id is correct (actually print this out on a page, sometimes y
  • the app secret is correct

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