SQL query with inner join to NHibernate with QueryOver

I have this SQL query :

select pr.*, det.Description, det.Name 
from Product pr 
inner join ProductDetail det on det.Product_id = pr.id
where pr.Id = XX and det.IsDefault = yy

How can I do this with QueryOver ?


Update :

public ProductMap()
    Id(x => x.Id).GeneratedBy.Native();
    Map(x => x.Code)
    Map(x => x.CreationDate).Not.Nullable();
    Map(x => x.IsDeleted);
    Map(x => x.Price);
    HasManyToMany(x => x.Categories)

public class ProductDetailMap : ClassMap<ProductDetail>
    public ProductDetailMap()
        Id(x => x.Id).GeneratedBy.Native();
        Map(x => x.Name)
        Map(x => x.Description)
        Map(x => x.IsDefault);
        References(x => x.Language);
        References(x => x.Product);


As far as I know QueryOver has no equivalent of the "pr.*" part, which would be nice. Which means you would have to manually specify each property of pr in your query.

See the section "Projections" on the document here

But it would be something like:

Product productAlias = null;
ProductDetail productDetail = null;
var query = session.QueryOver(() => productAlias)
                     .Inner.JoinAlias(() => productAlias.ProductDetails, () => productDetail)
                     .Where(() => productAlias.Id == XX && productDetail.IsDefault == YY)
                     .SelectList(list => list
                         .Select(() => productAlias.Id)
                         .Select(() => productAlias.Property1)
                         .Select(() => productAlias.Property2) 
                         // and so on...
                         .Select(() => productDetail.Description)
                         .Select(() => productDetail.Name)

// One way of doing it... 
// Will give you a list of object arrays matching the result
var results1 = query.List<object[]>();

// Another way...
// You need to define a class that has all the properties your are querying for
// If we create a class like that called "MySummaryClass" you can do:
var results2 = query.TransformUsing(Transformers.AliasToBean<MySummaryClass>()).List<MySummaryClass>();

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