How to load local HTML pages in WebBrowser control in C#

I have number of local HTML pages. I want to display these local HTML pages in Web browser control. When I add new page it should get append to previous page.

Here is the sample code for the setting Url

for( int i=0; i<=filecount; i++)
    web-browser.Url = new Uri(filepath[i]);

But during run time its showing the File Download pop up and web browser is empty.


You could load a single page as

FileStream source = new FileStream(filepath, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
webBrowser1.DocumentStream = source;

or even like

string html = File.ReadAllText(filepath);
webBrowser1.DocumentText = html;

But if you have images, css or js in the relative paths, use

Uri uri = new Uri(filepath);


something like that i remember... ;)

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