Publish Subscribe from WCF to Android, Iphone, WP7

Is there a framework that supports publishing (pushing) messages from a WCF service (REST or SOAP) to various clients like IPhone, Android and WP7? I'm thinking I can use the WSDualHttpBinding to do dual communication between WCF and WP7. However, I'm assuming WSDualHttpBinding is not supported in the other two platforms since is not a WS-* standard and there's a lot of stuff that WCF does to establish a receiving channel on the client side. Is there any other way to accomplish this? How would I about rolling my own?

I'm thinking about exposing my WCF service as a restful endpoint and implement a COMET style pub/sub and calling it good.

I'm stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I found this "Cloud to Device Messaging", C2DM, yesterday and thought it may serve your question:

Since you already have a solution for WP7, you could probably use to handle the pushes for iPhone and Android. I've used them on a prior project with good results. (I don't work for them.)

Have you considered using SignalR? It'll fallback gracefully from WebSockets & Server-Side Events through to long polling. There's a mono implementation of the client-side library.

We're successfully using it in a large-scale realtime application and it works a treat. A bit further down this page it details how to communicate with clients from outside the SignalR infrastructure which may be useful if you want to talk to clients from your WCF service.

Cheers, Dean

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