Eclipse Android Emulator - Keyboard not working

I just updated to the latest SDK version 16 created a new version of an AVD using the latest version of the API (16) and my hardware keyboard doesn't work anymore on the emulator (even my other avd using an older version of the sdk).

Any ideas how to fix this?


Do you have "Keyboard Support" hardware property set to "yes" for your AVD? Last time I updated Android SDK etc. the process trashed my adb configuration. So maybe it influenced your other emulator as well.

Go into the config.ini and added the line for the keyboard support i have to do this for my others avd devices as well to make them all work!

Add: hw.keyboard=yes

To: ~/.android/avd/<emulator-device-name>.avd/config.ini

Go to AVD Manager > select AVD > Edit > in Hardware section press New > select Keyboard Support > press Ok > change it's value to Yes. That's it.

Go to eclipse's List(which is display on top) select:

  1. Window
  2. select AVD Manager
  3. now Select AVD from next Created Window
  4. go to Edit(from right side window)
  5. now in hardware selection menu
  6. support Keyboard
  7. select ok
  8. now click on selected keyboard
  9. select yes from list

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