How to load the content of a file into variable using jquery load method?

How do I load the content of a file into a variable instead of the DOM using jQuery .load() method?

For example,

$("#logList").load("logFile", function(response){ });

Instead of loading the file into the #logList element of the DOM, I would like it to load into a variable.


load() is just a shortcut for $.get that atuomagically inserts the content into a DOM element, so do:

$.get("logFile", function(response) {
     var logfile = response;

You can use $.get() to initiate a GET request. In the success callback, you can set the result to your variable:

var stuff;
$.get('logFile', function (response) {
    stuff = response;

Please note that this is an asynchronous operation. The callback function will run when the operation is completed, so commands after $.get(...) will be executed beforehand.

That's why the following will log undefined:

var stuff;
$.get('logFile', function (var) {
    stuff = var;
console.log(stuff); //undefined

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