Android SDK source code

I need to look at the .java files of the android sdk. I have developed applications before but I never needed to look at them so it wasn't a problem then. I saw there is a jar file android.jar that contains all the class files structured but actual sources are not there. git gives various problems to me because I am behind a weird proxy so hasn't been very helpful. What should I do?

EDIT: I'm talking about the java files, just to clarify. And in case you are okay with browsing the code online, Where can I find Android source code online?


Just open the Android SDK Manager and select the Sources for Android SDK of the API level you are trying to support and click Install packages:

(In this case I selected those for SDK v4.3 API-18 and SDK v4.2.2 API-17 but I already have them installed)

If for some reason you SDK manager button doesn't show up on the Eclipse toolbar, follow this recommendations.

To link the source code to Eclipse just follow this instructions; Android Sources are usually under [ANDROID_SDK_FOLDER]/sdk/sources/android-[API_LEVEL]

You can download the ICS sources via the adk manager to your local machine and then attach them to your project in you IDE. See e.g. the blog of Lars Vogel

It is a online latest linux and android source code browsing website.

Android/Linux Source Code Cross Reference

You can browse the .java files of the Android SDK here:

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