ZK - inject Spring beans directly into ZK beans

Is it possible to inject Spring beans directly into ZK backing beans?

In tutorials such as this I've found only an example, where application context was extracted manually from web application complex, which very unelegant and unflexible.


In fact, the VariableResolver is working, it is however hard to find, how to use it properly.

First, I had to include header in .zul file:

<?variable-resolver class="org.zkoss.zkplus.spring.DelegatingVariableResolver"?>

Then, use ${controllerBeanName} in apply attribute, f.e.

<window id="win" title="Typy mieszkaƄ" width="750px" border="normal"

In my case, appartmentTypeController is bean extending GeneralForwardComposer, defined in spring context.

did you try the Variable-Resolver ?? i found an article about it


May ZK-DL http://zk.datalite.cz/zk-dl library help you? It takes it's own approach to Spring integration, not the original ZK way.

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