C# convert a long to string

Here my problem is:

I have this code:

static long CountLinesInFile(string f)
    long count = 0;
    using (StreamReader r = new StreamReader(f))
        string line;
        while ((line = r.ReadLine()) != null)
    return count;

Which counts the lines of a text file. The problem I have is that when I'm trying this:

textBox1.Text = CountLinesInFile("test.txt");

I'm getting an error:

Error   1   Cannot implicitly convert type 'long' to 'string'

It seems legit, but how am I supposed to convert it to string? In Java its a simple toString()

Can someone give me a solution?


Use the ToString() method like this:

textBox1.Text = CountLinesInFile("test.txt").ToString();

In Java its a simply .ToString

And in C#, its simply .ToString().

Happy learning.

just write

textBox1.Text =(CountLinesInFile("test.txt")).ToString(); 

MSDN: Object.ToString Method - Returns a string that represents the current object.

try this textBox1.Text = CountLinesInFile("test.txt").ToString();

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