Copying files from the Phone to a PC

Is there any ways to copy text files (I already wrote some files using C#) from windows phone 7 to computer?


Well.. I think you want to copy the txt files you generate on the device to a pc?

You can't do it because of restrictions on the device.. (you can use only your IsolatedStorage and nothing else (without unlocking the device))

you can send the content of the file via email or using skydrive for the transfer

Sockets are your best friends at this point, being the only link to your PC that is directly accessible through the SDK. You could also try working with a service.

If what you want is way to access your isolated storage files from the PC take a look here.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your suggestions. Here is the exact thing that I was looking for. Hope that it would help others.

You should give more details, what do you mean by copy ?

Do you just want to do some thing like copy(TheFileToCopy, TheFileCreatedAsACopy) ? In that case maybe look at the msnd doc and

or maybe

Does it helped you ?

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