Datatable Select returning Array Index out of bounds

This line:

searchParamsTable.Select(string.Format("TABLE = {0} AND FIELD = '{1}'", tableNumbers[i], fieldName[i]))[0]["VALUE"] = wildcardedSearchString;

returns an Array Index out of bounds exception in C#. How can I write this to not throw the error? Or is there an alternate way I can write this if no records are returned to continue execution of the code? I search through three different tables for result using line with 'i' as the increment of the table and field names.


This is incomplete, how should we know what tableNumbers,fieldName and wildcardedSearchString are? The exception is probably thrown at tableNumbers[i], fieldName[i] or the [0] indexer of the select.

I assume that the select doesn't return rows, so [0] will throw an IndexOutOfBounds exception.

You could use Steves approach or use Linq-To-Dataset which is more readable and powerful:

IEnumerable<DataRow> rows = searchParamsTable.AsEnumerable()
                         .Where(r => r.Field<String>("TABLE") == tableNumbers[i] 
                                 &&  r.Field<String>("FIELD ") == fieldName[i]);
    // do something with the rows, for example create a new DataTable from the result:
    DataTable tblSearch = rows.CopyToDataTable();

Supposing your i index var is right then you should check if any row is returned from the Select statement

DataRow[] rows = searchParamsTable.Select(string.Format("TABLE = {0} AND FIELD = '{1}'", 
                 tableNumbers[i], fieldName[i]));

if(rows.Length > 0)
   rows[0]["VALUE"] = wildcardedSearchString;

You are doing quite a lot of array indexing in that statement, so exactly which one that is out of bounds is hard to tell. Are you sure i is a valid index into both tableNumbers and fieldName ?

Try breaking the statement up into separate lines, then use the debugger to find out.

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