EXTJS 4.0 : how to implement callback method for store.sync() method?

I am using Extjs 4.0 , and I need a callback method for store.sync() method? Does anyone have a solution? Thanks a lot!


This should work starting from 4.1:

            success: function()
            failure: function()
            callback: function()
                console.log("calling callback");
            scope: this

you can catch the result of each method in your store with

Ext.define('AM.store.AdreessStore', {

   onCreateRecords:function (records, operation, success) {

    onUpdateRecords:function (records, operation, success) {

    onDestroyRecords:function (records, operation, success) {


Short question, short answer:

Try listening to the different events of store, like datachange, update or load. Maybe one of them (or a combination of them) fires when you need them.

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