i can not find QString in PySide 1.1.0

I want to use QString and QStringList, but in PySide 1.1.0, they are not in modules, and not in documents.so, what can I do to use them.thank you.Not just QString and QStringList, I can not find QTableModel, QListModel and etc too.


You don't need QString or QStringList: you can use Python's native types anywhere they would be needed in C++/Qt.

More details about this can be found in PSEP 101.

For example,

  • QString → str (unicode in Python 2)
  • QVariant → whatever type
  • QByteArray → bytes or bytearray

And there have never been such classes as QTableModel and QListModel in Qt. You're probably looking for QAbstractTableModel and QAbstractListModel.

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