How to hide javascript address bar / location bar?


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Forget Use jquery ui or jquery tools overlay instead. A js popup window will work.

You cannot hide the address bar in modern browsers. That is a security measure. The user must always know on what page he is. Also in that address bar is shown what type of page he is in (HTTP or HTTPS) and information of that webpage if it is secure.

So, sorry, but you cannot do that.

you can use a modal dialog. Not exactly a pop up, but it will open another container. Like an overlay. You see people doing this a lot with images, but you can also use this for html. There are a ton of plugins for jquery.

Heres one with some examples though:

I personally like

Only problem is you can't use ajax to call another website, but you can create a page in php or whatever and get the contents of another page and then return that in ajax.

you would want to use something like curl for this.

You could have a generic page that has an embedded iframe to hide the actual page. Would be a little tricky to pass the right data though. Not really worth it imo.

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