JDeveloper vs IntelliJ IDEA

Recently I have started work in one company. Previously I was working only with IntelliJ. Now have to wait while I get to use IntelliJ again. So I am thinking of any IDE similar to IntelliJ. How about the JDeveloper, probably somebody is been using it already, so I would like to hear from people their opinions, who is already using it, and not the comments "how great this tool is" from it's documentation.


I feel like inteliJs GUI is more polished espeially compared to eclipse . This is just my opinion though

The coolest thing with Jdeveloper ( reminds me of netbeans) is the lightbulb that shows up when there's issues with your code and most of the time you can click on it and there are fixes to a lot of your problems . In inteliJ this feature seemed less concrete imop .

They both seem similiar to me speed wise.

I also like how Jdeveloper automatically runs the class un working on rather then having to select one .

I'm pretty sure you can program with both of it (even with Eclipse ;). It depends on you and your daily work which one to use. Check the feature list and download them (they are for free ;).

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