How to convert NUM to INT in R?

I am trying to convert numeric format to an integer in R. This is essential to a part of the project where I am using java code to run some simulations (which reads this particular data as int).

I tried both round(x$var, 0) and trunc(x$var). Both of them run successfully, but when I str(x), x$var is still num. x is a dataframe.


Use as.integer:

x <- runif(5, 0, 100)
[1] 26.55087 37.21239 57.28534 90.82078 20.16819

[1] 26 37 57 90 20

Test for class:

xx <- as.integer(x)
 int [1:5] 26 37 57 90 20

You can use convert from hablar to change a column of the data frame quickly.


x <- tibble(var = c(1.34, 4.45, 6.98))

x %>% 

gives you:

# A tibble: 3 x 1
1     1
2     4
3     6

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