C# - Replace a character with nothing

I have a RichTextBox that looks like this:

TEXT  NEXT_TEXT  10.505   -174.994 0
TEXT  NEXT_TEXT  100.005  174.994  90 
TEXT  NEXT_TEXT  -10.000  -5.555   180
TEXT  NEXT_TEXT  -500.987 5.123    270
TEXT  NEXT_TEXT  987.123  1.000    180
TEXT  NEXT_TEXT  234.567  200.999  90

and I want to replace the "." with nothing and place it into a ListBox...

So the new file would look like this:

TEXT  NEXT_TEXT  10505   -174994 0
TEXT  NEXT_TEXT  100005  174994  90 
TEXT  NEXT_TEXT  -10000  -5555   180
TEXT  NEXT_TEXT  -500987 5123    270
TEXT  NEXT_TEXT  987123  1000    180
TEXT  NEXT_TEXT  234567  200999  90

I thought about multiplying the values by 1000 but I do not know how to properly do match calculations on a string.

So the next thought was to do this (HOWEVER THIS DOES NOT WORK):

  // Splits the lines in the rich text boxes
  string[] listOneLines = oneRichTextBox.Text.Split('\n');

  // Set the selection mode to multiple and extended.
  placementOneListBox.SelectionMode = SelectionMode.MultiExtended;

  // Shutdown the painting of the ListBox as items are added.

  // Display the items in the listbox.
  foreach (var item in listOneLines)

  // Allow the ListBox to repaint and display the new items.

  • Can anyone help me figure out how to replace a "."?


Strings are immutable so this line is wrong:


This returns the string after the replacement has been made, but item is unchanged. You need this:

foreach (var item in listOneLines)

Instead of the "" use String.Empty. In this way there is no new object created.

string item2 = item.Replace(".", "");

You need to use the result of Replace, it doesn't operate on the string itself.

Instead of:

item.Replace(".", "");

Try this:

item = item.Replace(".", ""); (edit: this was my original idea, but it's wrong)

placementOneListBox.Items.Add(item.Replace(".", ""));

Strings are immutable, so


does not modify item, but returns a new string.

You need to use:


Edit: and as you can see from the flurry of simultaneous responses, many of our peers agree! ;-)

Replace your replace:


with this:

item = item.Replace(".","");

How about

// Splits the lines in the rich text boxes string[] listOneLines = oneRichTextBox.Text.Replace(".","").Split('\n');

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