Adding labels to ggplot bar chart

I would like to do a bar plot outlined in black with percentages inside the bars. Is this possible from qplot? I get the percentages to appear but they don't align with the particular bars.

packages: ggplot2, reshape

x <- data.frame(filename = c("file1", "file2", "file3", "file4"),
                    low = c(-.05,.06,.07,-.14),
                    hi = c(.87,.98,.56,.79))
x$tot <- x$hi + x$low

x <- melt(x, id = 'filename')

bar <- qplot(x = factor(filename), 
             y = value*100,
             fill = factor(variable),
             data = x,
             geom = 'bar',
             position = 'dodge') + coord_flip()
bar <- bar + scale_fill_manual(name = '',
                               labels = c('low',
                               values = c('#40E0D0',
bar <- bar + geom_text(aes(label = value*100))+geom_bar(colour = 'black')
bar <- bar + opts(panel.background = theme_rect(colour = NA))
bar <- bar + opts(legend.justification = 'bottom')


Here you go:

ggplot(x, aes(x = filename, fill = variable)) +
  geom_bar(stat="identity", ymin=0, aes(y=value, ymax=value), position="dodge") +
  geom_text(aes(x=filename, y=value, ymax=value, label=value, 
                hjust=ifelse(sign(value)>0, 1, 0)), 
            position = position_dodge(width=1)) +
  scale_y_continuous(labels = percent_format()) +

This would be a good opportunity for you to start moving away from using qplot, in favor of ggplot. This will be much easier in the long run, trust me.

Here's a start:

ggplot(data = x,aes(x = factor(filename),y = value)) + 
    geom_bar(aes(fill = factor(variable)),colour = "black",position = 'dodge') + 
    coord_flip() + 
    scale_fill_manual(name = '',
                      labels = c('low',
                      values = c('#40E0D0',
                                 "#C7C7C7")) + 
    scale_y_continuous(labels = percent_format())

For philosophical reasons, I will leave the annotation piece to you...

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