Symfony: deal with "%" escaped symbols in URL

I have Symfony 1.4 web-application. Let's say my app is hosted on and there is FAQ page there.

When I refer to my app like this: everything works fine. But when "#" is escaped:

I see the following message in log produced by symfony:

[err] {sfError404Exception} Empty module and/or action after parsing the URL "/faq#faq1" (/).

So, it looks like Symfony recognizes there is "#" but fails to route it correctly.


  url: /faq
  param: { module: static, action: faq }
    sf_method: [get]

How do I make Symfony to route URL with escaped characters correctly?


It's not a Symfony problem. It's not your problem. The problem come from people who escape #.

I took few examples:

Etc ... etc ...

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