Send an xmpp message using a python library

How can I send an XMPP message using one of the following Python libraries: wokkel, xmpppy, or ?

I think I am aware of the pseudo-code, but so far have not been able to get one running correctly. This is what I have tried so far:

  • Call some API and pass the servername and port number to connect to that server.
  • Call some API and pass the username, password to construct a JID object.
  • Authenticate with that JID.
  • Construct a Message object and call some API and pass that message obj in the argument.
  • Call some send API.

It seems easy enough in concept, but the devil is somewhere in the details. Please show a sample snippet if that's possible.


This is the simplest possible xmpp client. It will send a 'hello :)' message. I'm using xmpppy in the example. And connecting to gtalk server. I think the example is self-explanatory:

import xmpp

username = 'username'
passwd = 'password'
msg='hello :)'

client = xmpp.Client('')
client.auth(username, passwd, 'botty')
message = xmpp.Message(to, msg)
message.setAttr('type', 'chat')

xmpppy has a number of examples listed on its main page (under "examples"), the most basic of which sends a single test message. They make the examples progressively more interesting -- they introduce the callback-oriented API via a chat bot program.

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