Table centering changes when a border is added?

I've been confused for hours at this now; trying to make the table stay fully centred without a border. It seems for some reason that the table centres when a border is added to it i.e. -table.backColor {border: 1px solid;} rather than transparent...

Any help will be really appreciated.

The CSS ive been using is:

   body {margin: 0;

   td.backColorContent {
          width: 800px; 
          border-right-width: 1px; 
          border-right-style: solid;
          border-right-color: #cbe775;          
          border-left-width: 1px; 
          border-left-style: solid;
          border-left-color: #cbe775;            
   td.backColorSide {
          background-color: #f9ffe7;

   table.backColor {
                                        position: fixed; 
                                        top: 0px; 
                                        width: 100%; 
                                        height: 6000px; 
                                        z-index: -2; 
                                        border-collapse: collapse;
                                        border: 1px transparent;

The HTML of the table is:

<table class="backColor">
  <td class="backColorSide">

  <td class="backColorContent">

  <td class="backColorSide">


A link to the example ive been using is here:


You need to re-construct your markup and apply styles in this way :

My Fiddle

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