Stopping sound in -onExit method of child?

I have three classes, let's call them A,B and C. Class A has a CCLayer class added called B. B has a CCLayer child added too, called C. Now, C plays a sound effect that I would like to stop when scene A is replaced. I assumed that if scene A is replaced by calling -replaceScene, all its children are being removed and cleaned up as well. So I tried to put my piece of code that should stop the sound into the -onExit method of class C. However -onExit is never called on any of the children of the replaced scene. Why is that, and how can I solve this ?

All the methods (stopping the sound etc.) work, I just don't know where to call them. The situation is basically the following: I am in my main scene and if I tap the "main menu" button, I want its children to stop playing any sounds. How do the children know their parent is being released ?


If onExit isn't called for a node it means that it wasn't removed from the scene hierarchy. This points to a memory leak, specifically a retain cycle. You can confirm this by setting a breakpoint in the CCScene's dealloc method. If it doesn't get hit when changing scenes, you're leaking the scene.

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