How to remove multiple event delegates using single undelegate method in jquery

Can I make the following much simpler (instead of using 'undelegate' twice)?

$("#div1").undelegate("div", "mouseenter").undelegate("div", "mouseleave");

I don't want event handlers other than mouseenter and mouseleave to get disturbed.


Split your events with spaces.

$("#div1").undelegate("div", "mouseenter mouseleave");

You should use on and off though.

$("#div1").off("mouseenter mouseleave", "div");

The .undelegate() method is a way of removing event handlers that have been bound using .delegate(). As of jQuery 1.7, the .on() and .off() methods are preferred for attaching and removing event handlers.

In this specific case, you can use the shorthand .hover() for mouseenter and mouseleave.

​$("#div1").off("hover", "div");

.off() is the recommended way for removing event handlers as of jQuery 1.7.

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