How to concatenate an absolute path and relative path with QDir?

I have a relative path and absolute path that look something like this:

Absolute: /tmp/somedir
Relative: anotherdir/file.txt

I would like to concatenate the two (/tmp/somedir/anotherdir/file.txt) with QDir but I am not quite sure what the proper way of doing that is.

According to the documentation for QDir::absoluteFilePath:

"Returns the absolute path name of a file in the directory."

This would be ideal if all I had was a filename, but I have a relative path as well. I looked at some of the other functions on the page, but none of them seemed to be what I was looking for.

What function should I be using?


I think you are looking for filePath().

QString finalPath = QDir("/tmp/somedir").filePath("anotherdir/file.txt");

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