NoSQL/SQL Databases which return results by relevance

I am on the lookout for any NoSQL/SQL database that provides functionality similar to Lucene/Solr erc. where the results are ordered by relevance to a query. e.g. NumVal1 between 1 and 3, NumVal2 between 4 and 5 and so on...

I learned MongoDB doesn't do this, and AFAIK neither does Couch.

Example of my need:

 - NumField 1 : 9.9
 - NumField 2: 8.2

 - NumField 1 : 5.9
 - NumField 2: 8.9

 - NumField 1: Between 7 & 10
 - NumField 2: Between 8 & 10

I would want Doc1 to show up before Doc2.

Any suggestions? I am very familiar with Lucene/Solr, but looking for an alternative.


Elastic Search (another way to say Lucene) would be my go-to component for this use case.

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