Get the container type for a nested type using reflection

Say I have a class like this:

public class Test {
    public class InnerTest{}

Now have a TypeInfo object for InnerTest. How can I find out the TypeInfo object for Test from InnerTest?

The other way around is simple, I can just use GetNestedTypes(), but I can't find a method or property (other than IsNestedType) to figure out the containing class for a Nested Class.


You can get this by retrieving the property "DeclaringType".

Quoting MSDN:

A Type object representing the enclosing type, if the current type is a nested type; or the generic type definition, if the current type is a type parameter of a generic type; or the type that declares the generic method, if the current type is a type parameter of a generic method; otherwise, null.

Sounds like you're looking for Type.DeclaringType property.

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