Do we need to update Orbeon?

We are trying to use the fr:error-summary component inside a 4 year old orbeon project but we can't make it work. We get the following error message:

Error Message

Cannot load "/xbl/orbeon/error-summary/error-summary.xbl" with webapp loader

Exception Class org.orbeon.oxf.resources.ResourceNotFoundException

The project is now using orbeon v3.7.1 and exist v1.3. Is this error due to an out-of-date build of orbeon? If not, how can orbeon be configured in order to make these lines work?

<fr:error-summary observer="my-group">
    <fr:label>Your Form Contains the Following Errors</fr:label>

Thanks in advance!!


In short, you can't use fr:error-summary in 3.7.1 because it was not available as an separate, reusable component in that release.

You can see how it's hooked up in Form Runner in 3.7.1 here and here.

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