How to create a war file from a jython WSGI web application

I would like to deploy a WSGI (keystone) web application, running with jython 2.5.2, as a war file to a java servlet application server (specifically glassfish).

How can I create a war file from my keystone web application (or any WSGI app)?


After some more searching I found this.

That showed how to create a war file from any WSGI app (which keystone is).

Creating an empty django project, creating a war file from it and inspecting the war file contents like so also helps.

  1. Install jython
  2. Install setuptools
  3. jython (jython install dir)/bin/easy_install django # currently version 1.4.1
  4. jython (jython install dir)/bin/easy_install django_jython
  5. jython (jython install dir)/bin/ startproject emptyProj
  6. cd emptyProj
  7. Edit emptyProj/emptyProj/ and put ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX=STATIC_URL at the end of the file and add 'doj', to the INSTALLED_APPS tuple.
  8. jython startapp emptyApp
  9. jython war
  10. mkdir tmp
  11. mv emptyProj.war tmp
  12. cd tmp
  13. unzip emptyProj.war
  14. Manually inspect the war file structure

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