Creating a new file or directory in LAMP?

How do I create a directory in the LAMP root folder (var/www) using the terminal and LAMP. I'm just getting to grips at using Linux/Ubuntu and I've just setup LAMP so I'm still not to sure on how I can do this.

Once I've setup the directory how can I create sub-folders (images, css, includes, etc) within that folder/directory. Then create a .php, .css and maybe .js files and save them into the root directory and sub-folders?




mkdir is the linux function you want


mkdir DIR_NAME

reading up on the basics of linux would be a good idea

Steps per line:

  1. Create a directory called "mysite" under /var/www: "mkdir /var/www/mysite"
  2. Change working directory to /var/www/mysite: "cd /var/www/mysite"
  3. Open editor called "vile" and start with a new document called "index.php": "vi index.php"

For help with the vile editor,

If you want to create a textual file, you could use an editor like e.g. emacs

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