ORA-24778: cannot open connections

I am getting the ORA-24778: cannot open connections, what are the possible causes? We have a number of applications deployed in WAS7 profile and they connect to a number of schemas in Oracle 11g.

One of the schema is connecting through other schema via public DB link. I cannot identify a solution for this cause.

After restarting the WAS7 profile, it is ok for a while and again start hitting the error.

Pls help!!


I assume you missed to tell us a few details:

  • You are using XA
  • You are using XA in combination with database links
  • You are using shared database links
  • The ora-24778 is not happening all the time

Either you haven't configured shared server option or you are not connected to a shared server. However Oracle requires you to user shared server if you want to use XA and database links.

Or the parameter OPEN_LINKS_PER_INSTANCE is not set sufficiently. Keep in mind mind that there is also a open_links init.ora parameter. The open_links parameter does not apply to XA.

This error can occur when you invoke a dblink in a existing transaction.

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