How to correctly use LEFT JOIN IS NULL or NOT EXISTS in this query?

After a few dozens of tries I still got wrong results, so I thought I'd better ask for help.


    id, user_id, name

    id, message_id, label_id refers to message_labels.label_id

How to get the correct results unused labels given a message-id and a user_id? By unused labels I mean labels that do not have an entry in message_labels for a given message-id, basically that only select labels to add to the message that are not in use for this message yet.

This means something like...

FROM labels l
INNER/LEFT JOIN messages_labels ml ON (
WHERE... user_id=:user_id ...

... and `message_id <> :message_id`



This should work: LEFT JOIN on the label_id and the message id, anything without an ML record is what you want

FROM labels l
LEFT JOIN message_labels ml
    ON = ml.label_id
    AND message_id = :message_id
WHERE l.user_id = :user_id

One method:

SELECT labels.*, count( AS mlid
FROM labels
JOIN messages_labels ON = messages_labels.label_id
WHERE (user_id = :user_id) AND (message_id = :message_id)
HAVING (mlid = 0)

if I'm readin your question correctly.

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