NodeJS File Statistics

I don't know if this is a valid question but is there a documentation out there describing each property from the result of fs.stat() in nodejs. Because I am trying to find the meaning of each of those properties but no luck.



Comments in the source that builds the stat object (BuildsStatsObject function) may conveniently help you out with this. In summary for reference:

  • dev : ID of device containing file
  • ino : inode number
  • mode : protection
  • nlink : number of hard links
  • uid : user ID of owner
  • gid : group ID of owner
  • rdev : device ID (if special file)
  • size : total size, in bytes
  • atime - time of last access
  • mtime - time of last modification
  • ctime - time of last status change

and if POSIX

  • blksize : blocksize for filesystem I/O
  • blocks : number of blocks allocated

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