Is blogger iframe comment form restricted from customization?

I am a beginner in messing with codes... I was trying to customize blogger comment form. I traced the elements with chrome, I found a Iframe src to a html file of only the blogger comment form. From the comment form source html, I found an external css link with all the css I need to customize.

However I found empty src in my template. If I edit the host and edit the HTML file as I mentioned above, (with edited css link) will I be able to customize the iframe css? Or is it restricted (with tokens?) by blogger?

Or, is there any way to overwrite the css with javascript/jquery?

(can't post link to the source, the link is huge and stackoverflow won't let me)


You have no access to the styling of an iframe. You have to see this as another browser window in your page. Css on your page will not affect it, and you can not access it with javascript. That's the disadvantage of iframes...

If I understood, it's possible. Edit: But doesn't work cross-domain. Maby for security reasons.

First, you should read this link

Then, How to apply CSS to iframe?

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