Google Map V3, how to get list of best driving route for multiple destinations?

i would like to use Gmap API to calculate the best driving route for many destinations. I have read this page:

That is nearly the same thing i want. However, i only want to get a list of destinations back, that is sorted and tell which destination to go first.

For ex.: I send location of three Destinations A, B , C to Gmap. I need to receive an array like $bestroute[] = {B,C,A}.

I will code with PHP and javascript. If you can help me or know any tutorial, please help.

Thank you very much.


The link you refer to explains how to do this: admittedly you also get back some directions information you don't care about, but you can simply ignore it.

To be clear, you just make a directions request with some waypoints (say B,C and D) in addition to your origin and destination (A and E).

If using the web service, ensure you set optimize:true before listing your waypoints, and check the waypoint_order array (near the bottom of the result for this url) to get the info you want:,SA&destination=Adelaide,SA&waypoints=optimize:true|Barossa+Valley,SA|Clare,SA|Connawarra,SA|McLaren+Vale,SA&sensor=false

If use the JS API, set optimizeWaypoints:true in your request.

As always, be sure you're abiding by the terms of service (e.g. results from your web service request must be displayed on a Google Map)

You might want to look at the Distance Matrix service:

It gives you distances between a set of origins and destinations, and might help you with narrowing down options.

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