How to dynamically change URL without reloading?


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Your problem can be solved by implementing the History API, especially by using the pushState() method. I recommend reading about it in MDN. There's also an all-in-one solution called History.js, it will help you implement it x-browser easily (It will fallback to URL hashes # if the browser doesn't support it).

Here's an example:

history.pushState('', 'New Page Title', newHREF);

Not excited enough? Here's a demo that will encourage you to implement it.

I just found a tutorial and it worked for me,

var value = $(this).attr('id');
window.location.hash = value; // it appends id to url without refresh

$(window).bind('hashchange' function() {
    var newhash = window.location.hash.substring(1) // it gets id of clicked element
    // use load function of jquery to do the necessary...

i got the above code from

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